Our existence initially was triggered by love for nature and humanity. To sustain that inertia, love must continue to thrive.

Love in all ramifications has its origin. The source is (within us). In other to administer love, you must first imbibe love.

How possible, it is by loving yourself. The love of oneself is the genesis of sharing love-“you can’t give what you don’t have”

There is high need for us to love ourselves. The love you give yourself is what you can extend. Fall in love with your self first then it will be easy to share.

How do we start; it is by appreciating our uniqueness. We are all unique, YOU particularly is unique.-VALUE that fact. If you appreciate and understand the specialty in your entity: surely you will Love YOU.

I am in love with myself

I love who I am

I love who I am going to be

I love who I will become

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