There is no way you can make significant progress in your relationship with other people if your life is a mess or if you’re basically untrustworthy. That’s why, in the last analysis to improve any relationship you must start with yourself; you must improve yourself” – Stephen Covey.

It all begins with you. It is all about you. To have a good friend, be a good friend, to have a good spouse, be a good spouse. Whatever you want to attract; make it part of you; thus making yourself an attractive magnetic.

If you are bad, dejected, distressed, frustrated, confused; no matter your state, the truth is you can get out of that state by making a decision and accepting that you can be good and better again. You can put all that balderdash behind if you decide to improve yourself.

If you are good at whatever you do: Music, farming, crafting, education or academics, dancing, artisan, business and lot more. To be candid, you can be better in that and be the best. All you require is to keep improving yourself.

How do I improve myself? It’s by realising how great and special you are and that you are wonderfully made, custom made to fit that defined assignment or goal.

Be open-minded; always ready to learn. You cannot improve if you are closed minded. Be open to new ideas, new ways of life, new customs, new lifestyles etc. don’t be stereotyped or restricted to a particular dogma.

Your flexibility and readability to accept the reality of the diverse nature and human being around will make you an agent for change and improvement.

Don’t be fixated by an idea or doctrine that you lose sight of a path that could lead you to the better side of you.

We are created not to be stagnant; we are created to always improve upon ourselves. Just like river that flows, our life should be flowing through the auspices of life.

To make relationship with your spouse, friend, family, customer, associates, colleague and neighbour better you have to make yourself better by improving yourself.

Before you look at anyone to criticise, first look within yourself, to discover what needs to be improved on.

I will improve myself

I will make myself better

I will yearn for the best.

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