“Life is in phases, men are in sizes”- nice saying.

Just like there are different stages in human growth, there are many phases in human life. If you find yourself in a particular phase, don’t get worked out or worn out in a bid to get out. The secret is to enjoy each phases as it’s comes by putting your best act, all time.

Don’t ever stay to bemoan or pity your life at any point. That phase no matter how ugly it looks or how juicy it appears has an expiring date. Enjoy every moment of your life. That is the secret of good living.

Every phase has its own price or cost. Likewise, every phase has its own benefits. Enjoying the benefit in a phase and paying the required price of that particular phase will lead you to the next phase and thus shows you the path to the goodies. If you don’t pay the right price of a particular phase, it will deprive you the benefit of the nest phase.

It goes in that sequential order:

Give in your best today and you will enjoy the best of tomorrow.

This cannot be over emphasis, life is in phases, give each phase your best to tap into its goodies as it unfolds. Whatever you sow now, you will definitely reap. Live a great life and balance your living.




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