We all have emotions, feelings and so on but we need to be factual and be real to ourselves and others around us. When taking any decision, we should check all sides of the matter before making conclusion.

Having sense of objectivity means having the ability to be real and consider all facts involved in making choice.

Allowing emotions or feeling to becloud our mind or sense of judgement when taking decision is very wrong.

It is said that you should not make decision when angry. Because at that point your nerves will be the one in charge and most times any decision taken in that state leads to regret. So, make sure you are in the right frame of mind when taking serious or critical decision.

Having sense of objectivity is seeing things the way they are rather than seeing things your own way. In some situations of Faith, believe and other positive driven mind set you are expected to picture the future you want to feature in. That’s cool. Pretty cool! In other not to live in life of dreams and fantasies, in projecting a better tomorrow, you should give concern to you present situation and accept some facts.

It’s on this journey of telling yourself the truth that you will determine and recognize things you can change about yourself that will lead you to that desired destination. In it is in that objectivity that you will realise things you need to acquire or learn to be better. Actualisation of dreams is not achieved automatically. It is a deliberate act of working towards the goal.

Being objective about the situation around you is telling yourself the truth. Transformation occurs only if conscious effort is displayed towards attaining a changed mind set.  -Wada Victor



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