We all have emotions, feelings and so on but we need to be factual and be real to ourselves and others around us. When taking any decision, we should check all sides of the matter before making conclusion.

Having sense of objectivity means having the ability to be real and consider all facts involved in making choice. Continue reading “SENSE OF OBJECTIVITY”

We Can Be Better Together

Life will be more interesting if we all work together by appreciating each other’s uniqueness.  It’s not error that we are all different. There are various kinds of culture, custom, tribe, religion, profession and so on. These  veracity of existence is the flavor that spices the world. So, don’t expect everyone to be you or think like you.

Our value is in our uniqueness. Accept the fact that we are all different so we can mingle and enjoy our relationships and interactions. Life is sweet if we all value each other.




“Life is in phases, men are in sizes”- nice saying.

Just like there are different stages in human growth, there are many phases in human life. If you find yourself in a particular phase, don’t get worked out or worn out in a bid to get out. The secret is to enjoy each phases as it’s comes by putting your best act, all time. Continue reading “LIFE IS IN PHASES”


There is no way you can make significant progress in your relationship with other people if your life is a mess or if you’re basically untrustworthy. That’s why, in the last analysis to improve any relationship you must start with yourself; you must improve yourself” – Stephen Covey.

It all begins with you. It is all about you. To have a good friend, be a good friend, to have a good spouse, be a good spouse. Whatever you want to attract; make it part of you; thus making yourself an attractive magnetic.

If you are bad, dejected, distressed, frustrated, confused; no matter your state, the truth is you can get out of that state by making a decision and accepting that you can be good and better again. You can put all that balderdash behind if you decide to improve yourself. Continue reading “IMPROVE YOUR SELF”


One thing that is constant in life is the diverse changes that evolve every day. We all experience this evolution. Whoever you are, where ever you are now, your life has gone through and is still going though series of changes.

Changes in terms of growth (which is basic), everyone grows from child to adult then old age. As your chronological age is changing so your body and system is advancing in  same realm.

Our knowledge and acceptance of this fact of evolutionary will in the long run direct the role and part we play in life.

Be it a farmer (in the remotest village), a tech guy (may be in Silicon Valley), a politician, trader, business mogul, educationist, to name just a few. We all have one thing in common-the more we grow the more knowledge and experience we acquire.

The knowledge and experience we gained through the developmental stages of life, will ultimately affect our perspectives and also our dealings to daily activities.

We must embrace the inevitable changes that confront our life because it defines our identity.

Changes in my life will make me better

I am changing for good

My tomorrow will be greater than now