You can never under estimate the power of love. Love is the cardinal thing. If you have Love, you have life. If you can give or extend Love, you can give life.

One thing that is constant across all religion is Love. Most religions and doctrines if not all, reference God. They may have different mode of worship but they all believe and communicate with God. And it is a known fact that GOD is Love. As God is Life. Only God has the supremacy and authority over every life.

So, if you have Love that means you have God, which means you have life and abundantly.

The sequential connection between LOVE-GOD-LIFE is one of the strongest discoveries of all time. When you share Love with someone, you are adding life to that person.

A frustrated and distressed life can be restored commensurately, if Love is shown generously. A life in a mess is at the verge of losing its life. To gain that back, Love is the answer.

Loving enhances living. Love is a two edged sword that hit both side; both the donor and recipient of Love benefits. When you give love, you are enriched, when you receive love, your life is enhanced. Whether you are a giver or receiver, you are adding value to your life by interacting with love.

Life is a special and precious Gift that should be cherished and sustained by Love. Love is the engine that Propel the existence of our entity. Love of yourself and love of fellow human being (no matter the origin).

Love does not have boundary or limit. It cut across race, religion, tribe, tradition and culture.

I love my Life

I will share Love

I value my Life


This life was originally designed to be hitch free and sweet. The error and the catastrophe that beckons in life resulted as a failure of man-disobedience.

However, our creator has given us the liberty to enjoy the life he has given us. Though a man will work to survive, what we get from this life is largely dependent on what we expect and how we view life itself.

Getting the good things out of this life is a function of choice, because the term ‘good’ is relative. Being at peace and happy with yourself and appreciating your creator for giving you the ‘Gift’ is paramount to good living.

In respective of what you earn, what level or cadre fate has placed you, living a good life is largely dependence on you. Nobody else can make you happier than you make yourself.

You are the engineer of your life- the Architect (creator) designed you, you will engineer your living.

Whatever is your goal and aspiration in life, at any point; whatever you do should be handled with all diligence and a joyous heart. The fact that you yearn for a better tomorrow should not negate you from enjoying the goodness of the moment.

Your appreciating what you have now is instrumental to getting what you want in life. Do not be disdainful of the present in quest for the future, but rather live the present in the manner that will lead you to your desired future.

What you do and how you live your life at the moment and on daily basis will determine where you will be and who you will be tomorrow.

You have been handed the ‘plan’ of your life. You are the engineer that will build your life and thus actualize that plan. Mostly this plan is handed over to us through our DESIRE, VISION, DREAM, ASPIRATION and AMBITION.

Note: whatever you do to acquire your goals, always live happily and value your life.

I am happy with myself

I am happy with God

My life is good

My God is good


Love has no boundary, love has no limit. Love is boundless, Love is limitless-infinite. Love does not select or discriminate. If you must Love, Love all; all races, all tribe, all religion, all culture, and all nations.

Love has no boundary, love has no limit. Love is boundless, Love is limitless-infinite. Love does not select or discriminate. If you must Love, Love all; all races, all tribe, all religion, all culture, and all nations.

The fact that the other person behave the way he does, do not give you licence to hate. You might detest what someone does but never hate a human being.

In relating with person, seek to understand the person first before you make yourself understood.

When somebody speaks to you, listen to understand what he is saying rather than listening to answer or speak back.

Love should not be limited to our homes. Though, charity begins at home. Love starts with you loving God, yourself, then your family, your neighbour, your community or society, your state, your country and then other country member or nations.

We are all ambassador of Love. Let’s spread the message of love. Imagine how interesting this world would be if Love thrives and flourishes.

My message is about Love – Pure Love for oneself and another.

My campaign has no discrimination. It’s a message for all to be acted upon, by all and to all.

I will Love all

I will speak for Love

I will not discriminate.



Our existence initially was triggered by love for nature and humanity. To sustain that inertia, love must continue to thrive.

Love in all ramifications has its origin. The source is (within us). In other to administer love, you must first imbibe love.

How possible, it is by loving yourself. The love of oneself is the genesis of sharing love-“you can’t give what you don’t have”

There is high need for us to love ourselves. The love you give yourself is what you can extend. Fall in love with your self first then it will be easy to share.

How do we start; it is by appreciating our uniqueness. We are all unique, YOU particularly is unique.-VALUE that fact. If you appreciate and understand the specialty in your entity: surely you will Love YOU.

I am in love with myself

I love who I am

I love who I am going to be

I love who I will become



Where your treasure is your heart will be. If you value your life as a treasure, you will attach much importance and surely not mess with your life.  One of the most valuable and most precious gifts you had ever received is the gift of LIFE.  Why take your life with levity. Why trivialize your life. If you value your own life, it will be much easy to value others’.  How can a man think of taking another person’s life? The mere thought of it is very appalling. Likewise, if you don’t have regard for someone’s life that means in the first place you never value yours. That is why its so easy for a murderer to commit suicide.

One of the main reasons you should value your life is: no amount of money can buy life. You cannot equate any currency or financial value to human life. Your life is precious so value it.

I love my Life

Nothing can be compared to my life.

I am living my life for good.