You can never under estimate the power of love. Love is the cardinal thing. If you have Love, you have life. If you can give or extend Love, you can give life.

One thing that is constant across all religion is Love. Most religions and doctrines if not all, reference God. They may have different mode of worship but they all believe and communicate with God. And it is a known fact that GOD is Love. As God is Life. Only God has the supremacy and authority over every life.

So, if you have Love that means you have God, which means you have life and abundantly.

The sequential connection between LOVE-GOD-LIFE is one of the strongest discoveries of all time. When you share Love with someone, you are adding life to that person.

A frustrated and distressed life can be restored commensurately, if Love is shown generously. A life in a mess is at the verge of losing its life. To gain that back, Love is the answer.

Loving enhances living. Love is a two edged sword that hit both side; both the donor and recipient of Love benefits. When you give love, you are enriched, when you receive love, your life is enhanced. Whether you are a giver or receiver, you are adding value to your life by interacting with love.

Life is a special and precious Gift that should be cherished and sustained by Love. Love is the engine that Propel the existence of our entity. Love of yourself and love of fellow human being (no matter the origin).

Love does not have boundary or limit. It cut across race, religion, tribe, tradition and culture.

I love my Life

I will share Love

I value my Life